Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Crafts

August has been filled with getting ready to go back to work and getting my classroom decorated. Therefore my crafting has been making things for my classroom. I found some small trash cans, a small dust pan and broom, and some hand sanitizer at the Dollar Tree. I used my Cricut and vinyl to cut out the polka dots, letters, and owls to decorate them.

Small Trash Cans for Stations:

Small Dust Pan and Broom:

Hand Sanitizer:

During reading the students go to reading stations. I have three reading groups and I pick one student from each group to be the team leader. Last year I used some Team Leader badges from an old reading series so I decided to alter them to match my classroom theme.
 Before & After

I hope that you enjoyed these classroom crafts. I have created some other things for my classroom that I will post soon.
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Happy Crafting!